Snow Removal Equipment

With the right attachments, your skid-steer loader, all-wheel loader, mini track loader, utility vehicle or utility work machine can become an unstoppable snow-removing machine. Get inside the best snow removal machine available with our versatile line of Bobcat equipment. Bobcat has the industry leading design, along with the most versatile lineup of attachments to tackle even the harshest snow conditions.


 Top 8 Snow Removal Attachments

  • Angle Broom — An angle broom is ideal for sweeping light snowfall (6 inches or fewer) from sidewalks, driveways, jobsites, parking lots and loading docks. It’s available in widths of 48″, 68″ and 84″ for loaders and Toolcats. A 70” version is available for the 3650 utility vehicle.

  • Scraper — The scraper has a self-sharpening cutting edge that breaks up and removes hard-packed snow and ice. The convex disc oscillates and spins on the ground — getting under the ice and snow. It’s available in both 36″ and 45″

  • Snow Blade — This attachment is great for removing light or moderate snow from driveways, parking lots or sidewalks. The blade angles 30 degrees to either side to move snow where you want it. There are eight models available for loaders and Toolcats. A 69” version for the 3650 utility vehicle and a 68” version for the 3450 utility vehicle are also available.

  • Snow Bucket — This bucket is great for handling large volumes of snow. It features a high back to help with snow pushing and straight sides to cut through big piles of snow. Sizes range from 68″ to 100″ wide.

  • Snow Pusher — The snow pusher’s free-floating blade removes snow on uneven surfaces without causing damage to paving stones, decorative concrete or sloped sidewalks. The blade can also be kept in a fixed position to clear hard-packed snow and ice. It’s available in 96″ and 120″ options.

  • Snow V-Blade — The V-blade can plow through the deepest drifts and push large piles of snow in parking lots, driveways and roadways. Fingertip controls make it easy to work the hydraulically operated blade. With five blade configurations, it can be positioned for maximum versatility.

  • Snowblower — A snowblower can throw and blow snow – even deep drifts – to clear a path on driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. The rotating chute directs snow where you want it to go. There’s even an optional truck-loading chute available for some models. Several widths are available from 36″ to 84″ for loaders and Toolcats as well as a 62” version for the 3650 utility vehicle.

  • Spreader — This attachment can apply salt and sand to parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and more. When high standards are on the line, the spreader is the perfect attachment to clear snow and ice right down to the pavement. Three models are available.

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