Skid-Steer Loader Rental Rates


Getting Ready For The Snow Season? 

Power through winter weather with Bobcat® snow removal equipment. Many machines or vehicles can perform snow and ice removal, but few offer the power, versatility, speed and agility of our Skid-Steer Loaders. Experience more maneuverability, more nimbleness and better traction. Unlike pickup trucks with snow blades, these machines can load snow for transport.

While you’re at it, check out the top snow attachments that’ll dominate this season! 


5 Month Seasonal Rental Rate

ModelHPR.O.CWidth5 Month Rental Rate
(Includes Bucket)

S750853,200 lbs74 in$2,150/Month

S650742,690 lbs74 in$1,800/Month

S590662,100 lbs68 in$1,600/Month

S570611,950 lbs68 in$1,600/Month

S450491,300 lbs62 in$1,200/Month


Skid-Steer Loader Rental Rates

ModelHPR.O.CLift PatternWidthDailyWeeklyMonthly
S7023.5700 lbsRadial36 in$190$666$2,000
S450491,300 lbsRadial62 in$210$734$2,200
S510491,650 lbsRadial68 in$234$935$2,800
S570611,950 lbsVertical68 in$305$1,066$3,200
S590662,100 lbsVertical68 in$305$1,066$3,200
S595742,200 lbsVertical74 in$320$1,125$3,375
S650742,690 lbsVertical74 in$320$1,125$3,375
S750853,200 lbsVertical74 in$380$1,330$3,990
S770923,350 lbsVertical74 in$380$1,330$3,990

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